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Corey is a Physical Education, Health teacher and a Life coach. He helps people live their dream life and discover their desired change from within, through mindset mastery around health, training, nutrition, perspective and habits.
Corey is all about discovering what you desire in order to live your best life and working as your partner in crime to get you there!
Together you will eliminate your limiting beliefs and create a version of yourself you never knew existed.
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Brooke K

Thankyou Corey for providing a non-judgemental space to share my wins and improve on my weaknesses. I have thoroughly enjoyed setting and smashing goals as a result of your supportive guidance. you are helping me to see things in a new perspective, allowing me the opportunity to achieve more and becomes the best version of myself.

Aaron A

Corey epitomizes positivity and had the ability to influence change in my mindset. His genuine interest to assist people has been a rewarding and beneficial experience. Corey’s supportive manner has allowed me to be okay with being vulnerable and open. This has resulted in a shift to my thinking by framing situations with a positive perspective and allowing me to achieve my personal health and wellbeing goals.

Chelsey K

Corey has an infectious energy that allowed me to feel comfortable and vulnerable right from the very start. I love his attitude and ability to change my perspective.Through our work together I have realized that I am capable of making all of the desired changes in my life and that I should use my past as a foundation not a burden.