• Corey Micari

My name is Corey Micari and I am a Health and Wellness coach that has a background as a PE, Health and Outdoor education teacher currently working within the Primary school sector.

I’ve grown up playing competitive football holding a strong passion for everything health and fitness from a young age.

Since 2018 I have begun to explore the world of mindset and wellness uncovering a passion that I am pursuing strongly.

After graduating from my double degree in 2018 I was eager to see the world, so after 6 months as a Health and PE relief teacher in secondary schools I set off for half a year in the USA.

From working on the waterfront at a summer camp to bussing from one end of the country to the other, there were a few key people I met on my adventures that shaped the person you’re seeing here today.

Upon arriving back in the country I participated in 2 lengthy personal development courses through the Landmark Forum and read hours of literature in the self-help space, finally undergoing my certification through Wellness Coaching Australia to deliver to you this amazing opportunity. A helper by nature, I have relished in the opportunity to mold the young minds of the future, however as I head through my 20s and the mental health of so many around me continues to crumble, I knew there was more for me to offer outside of the 4 walls of a classroom. 2020 saw the world lockdown in particular Melbourne, instead of focusing on the negative I used the extra time to follow my passion. Some might say its cliché to think you will ever wake up excited to work your job every day, but since the moment I began my study in this field I happily packed in 14 hour days to ensure I stayed on top of my passion at night while I worked my job during the day. Why is this important you might be thinking? Because not too long ago I was in your position, wanting more for myself but unaware of what steps to take or where to even start. That’s where I come in, if I’m able to improve just one aspect of your life through my endeavors then I will be fulfilling my duty, often though this ‘one aspect’ is just the tip of the iceberg and as change in one part of your life begins, things just start to happen! As your Health and Wellness Coach I will work with you to:

Create positive habits ✅

Change your behaviors ✅

Set and achieve goals ✅

Understand your nutrition ✅

Enjoy engaging in exercise ✅

Alter your perspective ✅

Sleep better ✅

Stress less ✅

Change your mindset!

I don’t expect you to dump your partner, move house or stop drinking on the weekends, not even close.

Through our sessions we’re going to unpack what’s really important to you and change the way you view your life, so that you can discover your change from within.

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